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Archived News & Events

This page contains archived items from 2012.

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November 2012 - Elvaston Bat Box Check

On what turned out to be a dry, albeit cold, day a large group of members turned up to check the bat boxes at Elvaston Castle. The recent heavy rain made access a little tricky at times for those without wellies, but other than one member disappearing momentarily down a badger hole there were no mishaps. Thirty-one bats were found in total, comprising one Leisler's, one noctule and twenty-nine soprano pipistrelles. 39% of boxes had been used by bats over the past year and 20% were occupied on the day.

Flooding within Elvaston Castle grounds Erecting a hibernation box

November 2012 - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire bat groups get together over bat care

The first joint bat care workshop was held at Attenborough Nature Centre on Saturday 17th November 2012. It was good turn out of experienced and novice bat carers. In an informal and relaxed style the group worked its way through the highs and lows of bat care and set the foundations for a stronger and more flexible bat care team. Big thank yous to Margaret and her bats, Lynn Victor for facilitating the session, Matt Cook and Marian MacKinnon for their organisational skills and all the attendees for their input. A follow up event for Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group will take place in spring 2013.

Up close encounter with some of Margaret's bats. Note the BLE climbing up the side of the tent on the right! Bat care under discussion

Photo credits: Steven Roe

November 2012 - Hilton Bat Box Check

The turn out by group members to this bat box check was excellent. Seven soprano pipistrelles and one Leisler's bats were found, along with a box absolutely full of Natterer's bats (see below) which was an exciting find. We usually see Natterer's bats at this site, but not normally quite as many. The bats were in torpor so they weren't handled, making counting difficult, and as such the number has been recorded as 'about twenty'. Overall, 32% of the boxes had been used since they were checked last year and 9% were occupied.
Hilton Bat Box Check

October 2012 - Findern Footpath Group Bat Box Check

This is a very new bat box scheme started by the Findern Footpaths Group with help from the DBCG. Ten soprano pipistrelles were found in total, with 23% of boxes in use and 14% occupied. Boxes only erected in March 2012 had already been used, so this is a very promising site.

Soprano pipistrelle in the hand members of Findern Footpaths Group looking at a bat found in one of their bat boxes