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Archived News & Events

This page contains archived items from 2016-2017.

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On Thursday 4th May we will be undertaking a BatoBlitz to try and record bats in the few remaining 1km squares of Derby City with no bat records. Members can find out more here.

Spring Cleaning

Two members helped clean one of the county's most important roosts. Click here to find out more.
Cleaning UK bat roost in Derbyshire home

Winter Wonders

Two members went crawling into some of the Peak District caves over the festive break. Click here to see what they found.
brown long-eared bat hibernating in Derbyshire cave Bat Walks Booklet Front Cover

DBCG becomes Publisher!

DBCG is delighted to announce that we have just published a 52-page booklet: "Bat Walks in Derbyshire" and you can put yours on order now!
This booklet is aimed at the general public to educate them about Derbyshire's bats & to encourage them to get out there and discover the world of bats for themselves.

How can you get it?

Click the Shop button on the main menu to buy online or view a list of other stockists.

Swarming Report Publication

On 12th March 2016, at the Midlands Regional Bat Conference, DBCG disseminated the results of our autumn swarming project. We simultaneously launched our summary report at that same event and online on the projects page.

Caves surveyed

Members survey caves for hibernating bats Read more here.
bat survey caves

New Mammal Species

A new species of bat, not recorded within Derbyshire since the last ice-age, has recently been recorded in the county! Read more here.
barbastelle bat Derbyshire