Costing Structure

Data Request - Charging Policy

Our standard charges for full data searches are set out below. Charges are regularly reviewed to reflect current costs.

We reserve the right to charge for any given enquiry, but will contact you before carrying out any work if the charges vary from those detailed below (or if you have requested a quotation on our data request form).

The charges below are for the time it takes our volunteers to capture, audit, maintain, extract and supply data to the enquirer.

Please note that the income derived from this enquiry service is used to further our knowledge of bat distribution across Derbyshire by promoting, supporting and assisting the voluntary recording community in the county, without whom there would be no data and conserving the bats of Derbyshire would not be possible.

Summary of Current Charges

Our costing structure is based on the number of 1km squares included in the search.

£60 for the first 9 squares (or part thereof) and a further £40 for each further 9 squares (or part thereof).

These costs are exclusive of VAT (current rate).

Exemptions from Payment:

Enquiries received for Educational or Academic purposes are normally free of charge for the first hour of work. Enquiries on a larger scale will be discussed individually. It should be noted that no enquiry data received under this exemption should be used for commercial purposes, including planning applications. If this is intended, then a payment must be made. Other exemptions are at the discretion of Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group.