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On Sunday 10th February 2019 we joined forces with Staffordshire Bat Group to undertake the annual hibernation survey of the Bincliff Mines in the Manifold Valley. This survey is part of a long-term study which was started in the 1970's by the late Derek Yalden. A total of ten mines and adits were surveyed and 42 bats were found:

  • 23 Natterer’s
  • 9 whiskered/Brandt's
  • 4 Daubenton's
  • 4 brown long-eared's
  • 2 unknown bat species

The results are contributed to the National Bat Monitoring Programme. The number of bats this year was fairly average but this is not a surprise given how mild the weather was in the week running up to the survey. In previous years up to 60 bats have been recorded. The team had a great day out despite having to navigate up and down one of the steepest wooded hillsides in the Peak District!

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