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Our Twitter Policy

The @derbyshirebats Twitter handle was created and is managed by Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group (DBCG), Registered Charity No. 1139339. The purpose of the account is to communicate with our audiences, including but not limited to the general public.

Materials and/or comments posted on Twitter should be in keeping with this purpose.

They should not reveal another person's protected information, or any other information protected by existing privacy laws.


If you follow us, you can expect an acceptable number of tweets from a voluntary organisation, covering the following:

  • Alerts about new content on our other digital channels (news, publications, events, videos on the DBCG YouTube channel, publicity campaigns etc.)
  • Relevant Information from our activities
  • Updates on bats in the news
  • Occasional live coverage of events
  • We do not automatically follow back new followers. Due to resources, we infrequently review our follower list and follow back accounts that aren't spam. Being followed back does not imply endorsement of any kind.


    We are a voluntary organisation doing bat work in our spare time and our Trustees have full-time jobs. We will update and monitor our Twitter account as much as possible but there will be periods when we simply don't have time. Twitter may occasionally be unavailable and DBCG accepts no responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.

    Likes and Retweets

    We do not automatically like or retweet tweets where we have been mentioned.
    Retweets are not endorsements.
    Photographs: In accordance with our Partnership agreement with the Bat Conservation Trust and their good practice guidelines on bats and rabies, we will not re-tweet or like any photographs showing bats being handled without gloves. If you wish us to retweet photographs of bats in the hand, they must be in gloved hands. Likes and retweets does not imply endorsement of any kind.

    @Replies and Direct Messages

    We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and endeavour to join the conversation where possible. However, we are not able to reply individually to all the messages we receive via Twitter.

    The usual ways of contacting DBCG for official correspondence are detailed in the Contact Us section of our website.

    Unfollow & Blocking users

    DBCG reserves the right, but is not obliged to unfollow and / or block users from Twitter at any time, without prior notice, whenever such is deemed to be in violation of our Social Media Policy. DBCG also may, in extreme cases or where circumstances require it, report such users to the relevant authorities.

    DBCG thanks you in advance for your interaction with the Group's Twitter account and for your help in creating a safe and inspiring online community.

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